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Response to the SEC's Motion to Quash William Hinman's Deposition.

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Three of the many juicy tidbits:

"As the Court is now well aware from the SEC’s repeated, unsuccessful attempts to resist discovery..."

Regarding Hinman and Ethererum Foundation contacts: "There is reason to think that he did indeed speak with third parties both before and after his speech."

Hinman's statements "suggest through their precise tailoring that Mr. Hinman indeed has personal knowledge about the SEC’s discussions with market participants about bitcoin and ether – that this Court has previously ruled are relevant and the proper subject of discovery"

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1 hour ago, NMNR said:

I hope the Judge has the courage to do the right thing. 

The consensus amongst lawyers seems to be that Hinman will be forced to testify.  This news that Hinman then had a meeting a few days later with ETH seems to corroborate the impression that Hinman was biased and working very closely with ETH management, and on top of that he was being paid millions (much more than his salary from SEC) by a firm that had large financial interests in ETH.  The whole thing smells of conflict of interest and corruption.   

I wonder if this evidence is enough for Ripple to counter sue SEC on grounds that their biased behaviour was damaging to XRP (that statement by Vitalik Buterin that he was pleased that SEC were taking XRP (A sXXtcoin) to court adds to the impression that ETH have pushing SEC to suppress XRP).    No doubt a settlement would include clauses that Ripple will not raise this issue in future.

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4 hours ago, panmores said:

You're suggesting the judges might be intimidated by the SEC?

As a judge, there must be a degree of anxiety that comes when you know your ruling will set a significant precedence, which may be leveraged by many-a-lawyer in the years to come, affecting many other cases.  I know it would stress me out!  

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9 hours ago, Trentsteel said:

That’s a distinct possibility 

Maybe it's impossible to be objective as an XRP hodler, it just seems unlikely at this stage (after the judges' surprisingly clear nod to the issues raised by Ripple) that there comes a judicial u-turn. But what do I know. And even if Ripple loses the security case - do we really care about the individuals' cases - the setback would not alter the global vision and footprint much. Ripple might be forced to change headquarters. A good thing. Little strikes fell big oaks. 

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