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I think user NotElon on this forum is Elon Musk


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48 minutes ago, solid102 said:

And what is he going to do? Threaten to find me and ruin my life like he did to that one Tesla employee who pointed out glaring safety issues in the factory and unleash all kinds of goons, claim I will shoot up his factory and all kinds of other mob like shenanigan's like he did on his former Tesla employee:



Elon's tweets have cut through.   I am not a fan of his approach to crypto but he did eventually get the message out that BTC is energy expensive and inefficient, and there are better blockchain solutions out there.  This was good news for the crypto community which has been dominated for too long by BTC Maxi propaganda.   If these questions are from Elon then good on him, they are intelligent questions.  Lets help him understand our fintech solutions.  

It would be a pity if the XRP community frightened him away from being better informed about the real use cases for assets like XRP, XDC, ALGO, Ripplenet and Corda etc, because he has the power to move minds and markets.  

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