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Please note in Quincy's interview with Crypto Eri how he describes he thinks the price is determined by a very thin layer of XRP traded off the tops of the pools of liquidity.

He seems to be the authentic voice of the crypto/fintech industry.  I think Quincy is going to be a big influencer on people's perceptions of crypto.  BTC Maxis are going to be side-tracked out of the market by voices like Quincy's.

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12 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

This guy is so interesting




BTC is screwed 18.50

About demand pushing price from about 30.00

Staking - he does not like it 37.00

I second that Julian. I've watched nearly all of his videos (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSJsDoeJ0s7fIka2paR0oYw), plus those of Matty GTV (he interviewed Quincy a couple of times too) and I'm following Quincy on Twitter (https://twitter.com/QuincyChillBro).

Very, very interesting point he made is the fact that you could even put debt on the XRP ledger, I hope I'm describing it correctly, which would also increase XRP's value tremendously. 


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Rippling is something I first read up on years ago, but it never really clicked in my head until I saw the vid above, it was a bit of a lightbulb moment. Imagine if all or even just a fraction of this debt


is transferred onto the XRP ledger = OMG, XRP will have to carry so much debt / value it will be an insane ROI compared to current market price.

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