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Token Creator on XUMM


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15 hours ago, KrisSamurai said:

I created tokens on the XRPL and need more info on setting up a trustline and pretty much how everything works. Any help is highly appreciated. 

I don't know if you can add a trustline directly in XUMM - it only lets you add Bitstamp and Gatehub tokens. You can use XRP Toolkit on your computer in conjunction with XUMM to add a trustline from the wallet you want to receive your token at.

Add your wallet that you want to add a trustline from to XRP Toolkit and then go to Assets (I think, I'm not looking at it now). On that page there's a section to add trustlines, you want to add a custom one. Enter the address of your token's issuing wallet and its currency code. Adding a trustline holds 5 XRP in reserve in your wallet.

If you need any help, I can try to answer your questions.

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