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New guy - Please HELP,,,


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Xrp fam


A friend got me my xrp (we’re in USA) and it was done through Binance- I had to add token on MetaMask and it is on the BSC Network


ive come to read about this and it sounds to me that my xrp might be Binance-Peg XRP?? Bep20 token on the BSC MetaMask network

iveread it’s backed 1:1 BUT I believe binance goes down here soon and I don’t want to lose my xrp


i have a NanoS that I’m having trouble configuring


SOOO I really need help advice in getting what I belive is binance Peg xrp to RIPPLE XRP and what route I can take to get that done? 

sorry to be long winded, but am a new to the game and need guidance. I want to hold true xrp and help change the world and make a difference


thank you

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20 minutes ago, yxxyun said:

You can deposit the BEP20 XRP to your binance account and then withdraw from binance to your XRP account. 

Thanks so much for your input! 

what xrp account Do you recommend I use

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Thanks SO much! Will download xumm. Apparently bep20 isn’t even compatible with xrp. I don’t know how this occurred whether theough uniswap or choosing wrong network on MM? Any guidance or videos to get bep20 back to binance safely would be appreciated

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