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Lynx Global Launches DA5 Australia and Activates the DA5 - FinFan Vietnam Payment Rails


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During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, FinFan became the first neo-banking institution in Vietnam to utilize the Ripple XRP blockchain network and its global financial payments network called RippleNet. As part of RippleNet, which comprises more than 300 financial institutions worldwide, FinFan, in conjunction with the partnership, carved out a more transparent solution for on-demand minimized transaction fees, with a real-time bridge between the multi-currency exchange, that could be instantly settled in the destination countries on a 24/7 basis - it is to this FinFan infrastructure that DA5 and the Lynx Pan-Global Network now has full access.

At the time of the Ripple announcement, FinFan Founder and CEO Dr. Tuyen NGUYEN stated, "FinFan brings Vietnamese Generation Z over the globe - the first fully digital generation - money beyond borders is an experience. These demographics want their financial experiences to be seamless, effective, and in line with their lifestyle preferences when sending money home to their loved relatives."

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