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SEC wins 60 day extension :(


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Complete BS, is right, this is a fiasco that never seems to end, it makes me wonder what the judge is up to, and I'm guessing she is going with a gut based decision, i.e. give both parties more time to WORK THS OUT. I bet she's also thinking, please get this out of my courtroom.

She ain't stupid, and I'm also guessing she doesn't want to be the one in the crosshairs of either side in this decision about the future of money for the whole of the USA and potentially the world.

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I think she is pretty much following convention in granting the extension.  She does not want to be accused of taking sides and using her position to pervert the course of justice.  On the optimistic side she is now in a position to rule this case as impartial arbiter against SEC if she feels that is the right thing to do.  

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Yeah, as soon as James K. Filan tweeted this I got the notification on my phone and my eyes rolled so much. All I could do was sigh at the moment since I was busy, but I really hope these people can really take this time to sit together and come up with a good settlement as opposed to this just being 60 days of friggin’ wasted time doing nothing only to somehow come up with another delay once the 60 days is up. 

In all honesty, though, I think by now the case is irrelevant to the bullrun and if BTC does indeed grind it out and hit a new ATH, XRP will be dragged along with it. Either way, I don’t think we’ll see a new ATH in just 2 months, so we might have this case “wrapped up” at just the perfect time for it to “miraculously” coincide with a massive movement in the chart. 

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