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Has anyone actually used leger live to claim Flare?

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Hey all,

   So I have had a good portion of my XRP stored on my leger nano S  and use leger live on my pc, I have not seen any walkthrough at all that will incorporate the Leger live to claim spark tokens.  Has anyone successfully been able to claim spark tokens from xrp that have been stored on a Nano S? My leger live app is all I can even think of that would even show how much xrp I held as of Dec 12 2000.

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57 minutes ago, XRPNewb said:

How do they know exactly how much xrp I had on dec12

They took a snapshot of the entire ledger on the 12th. Once you've claimed them on the toolkit they will show you how many you will be receiving. 

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1 hour ago, XRPNewb said:

How do they know exactly how much xrp I had on dec12 2000 I dont see any instructions on how to get them a picture of my ledger balance as of that date? I just see instructions on how to claim the tokens?

Just for clarity...   people and Fkare themselves say they ‘take a snapshot’.   But that’s not like it sounds.

XRP like almost all crypto is a blockchain.  XRP is a bit different than most in that each block is fully complete without needing preceding blocks to build a total picture of all accounts and their state.

But the point is that there are blocks going all the way back to the start (small caveat there,  but I digress).  Once every three seconds or so a new one is created.  

So all Flare needed to do is take note of what block was the first to be created on the 12th December and just keep a copy and look at that block to know the balance of every single XRP account in existence as at that moment.


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