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XRP Price Shows strenght After the Successive wins in the SEC Battle

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Ripple is asking the judge to overlook Cornerstone Research’s findings and reject the SEC’s request for judicial notice, according to a recent legal filing. Ripple’s lawyers said the SEC’s statements regarding previous enforcement proceedings were misleading. And that the SEC was requesting an unreasonably premature conclusion, as a factual matter, that market participants had reasonable warning that XRP would be designated securities.



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(This post is not to be taken as political, rather an equivalent or superior post to those above.)  

What strength? I can't see it.

I couldn’t see  “strength” either.  Then I realized the title says strenght.   Got me

On 6/10/2021 at 2:33 AM, xrp_is_love_xrp_is_life said:

What strength? I can't see it.

The XRP strength to fall in price. It’s quite spectacular. Feels like .30 cents is very achievable!

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