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XRP Flare 2nd Air Drop


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So I have looked through comments and really did not see this question so here it is.  I have my XRP on a Nano S as well as my ETH address to keep my Flare 1st air drop.  When the air drop happened everything went as planned and my Flare is indicated in my ETH address that I specified.  I would like to leave it exactly like this and capture the 2nd air drop the same way.  The way I understand it this would work perfectly and then when I place this address into the Flare network it will be recognized with the amount I have.  For those who are more versed in this, am I understanding this correctly?  Thanks so much.

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If I understand you correctly, yes. The address you use to claim the airdrop will be used for both the initial drop and each monthly drop after that.

Just to be clear, the FLR will go to the address you set, but on the Flare Network, not Ethereum. The recovery phrase that you use for your Ethereum address will also unlock that same address on the Flare Network when it launches.

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