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Transaction Failed Public Key Too Long


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If someone could offer a solution to this problem it would be highly appreciated.

I'm trying to claim my Spark Tokens on my Ledger Nano S before the deadline of June 12 2021.

I'm using the xrp Toolkit and have managed to reach the section where I paste in my message key and then click update.

I keep getting the message.. "Transaction Failed Public Key to Long". 

I removed two zeros in the message key because the update button would not activate until the message key was shorter.

I generated the ETH account within my Nano S, and so assume the message key is accurate, but I'm still getting these issues.

I also checked the message key on Bithomp to make sure, and they could not find the transaction either, so apparently it's not being process correctly as the error message states.

Can someone please help me with this!  I've tried every possible variation and still can't get it to go through.

Thanks very much!



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I can only suggest attempting the process again and would recommend a MetaMask ETH address, as MetaMask will be much easier to use/migrate if you are planning to take part in the Flare Ecosystem in the future.


Make sure to use the Flare address formatting tool for the ETH address. This is the likely hiccup in your attempt.

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Thanks very much for your great advice! I'll give it a try for sure.

Just one followup question please...I'm not familiar with the Flare address formatting tool for the ETH address,

Could you please point me in the right direction in regard to that tool?

Thanks again!!


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