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Implement IRS Tax Codes on XRPL


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I have a vision to implement IRS tax codes on the XRPL blockchain. The vision is to decentralize taxation on a global scale. But also we can integrate IRIS technology and other accounting platforms like quickbooks. To my knowledge, Ripple/XRP has been partnering with a lot of central banks. Therefore, a lot of banks accounting procedures on a technical level can range from excel, PDFs, to mobile integrations. I see that if we can focus ahead and use the current technology we have to offer, whether its hardware or software, we can pull it together and get ahead of the game after the SEC case settles. 


A little about myself, I have been working and maximizing IRS tax codes for 8 years now. I handle a lot of clients financial and personal data systems. I am also highly invested in XRP and believe in RIPPLE and what the blockchain ledger has to offer. 


Please let me know if you have any questions and if my vision makes sense. I didn't want to spend too much time on this email. I just want to find out the best way to approach the XRPL project/grants  that it has to offer. 


Thank you, 

Việt Kiều XRP

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I've read carefully the article you've posted, and truth be told, I love the idea. Taxes nowadays become very annoying, and tax decentralization will bring a lot of advantages. I am not that experienced in this field. So you to understand, when I am completing my tax report, I am using the https://jpg2pdfconverter.com/blog/how-to-fill-out-schedule-c-for-form-1040 guide. Still, as a citizen, I am concerned about my taxes, and I would like to see some improvements in this field. So, guys, I support your idea

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