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Ripple Files Motion to Compel for SEC Documents ... Will be THIRD Time!

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OK ... I don't mind repeating myself, but I get pretty upset when I have to say the same thing THREE times. I think Judge Netburn is cut from the same cloth.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/3z2

Look guys, calm down, it takes time to SHRED THE EVIDENCE professionally! 

I like how Ripple mentioned to the judge one such document that it obtained from an independent source.  The SEC document, dated October 2020:  “We [the SEC] appreciate the opportunity to review your

That SEC letter in the exhibit is a stunning indictment of everything I hate about government (and everything that's gone wrong with the last generation or two of young people).  Nine pages of "we're taking this super seriously!" (zero results).

The parsing about the meaning of the term "database" and sent versus received email is the stuff of contempt citations.

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There are no documents, this was decided by a bunch of Self Enriching Criminals having a chat in the backrooms of the SEC. JC to Henchman "should we screw over Ripple!"

H "yes"

JC "OK then, by the way, how much is Simpson Thacher & Bartlett and friends paying you?"

H "Not as much as one river will be paying you, especially if you get that ETF approved"

Lots of LOL's - are there any recordings or documents about this meeting, what do you think?

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Judge will most likely keep her calm yet it may play a role in further decisions - anyways, what can a US-judge do when plaintiffs and/or defendants ignore court orders?

As we all know, either the documents in possession of the SEC are damning or there are no such documents because personal backroom dealings are the rule of the day.

Wouldn't mind if this SEC arrogance becomes key to deciding the case.

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Don’t rely too much on this whole “judge mad” thing. We are fighting the US government here. All it would take is a late night phone call, some snapshots of her daughter coming out of the school gates posted through the letter box, and the Judge will be Jay Clayton’s best buddy.

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