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'888 The New World' Art NFT marketplace coming to Flare (backed by 3LAU, Paris Hilton, and a bunch of others)


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Looks like a platform for artists to mint, showcase, and sell their own NFTs. As with the metaverse thing, I don't know enough about the NFT / Digital Art scene to be able to gauge how big this is. I've been watching this 888crypto guy on twitter recently, and I don't know who he is but he sure has a lot of money to spend on NFTs. 

The intro video is graphically impressive. The list of artists who are supporting it is supposedly impressive. I went down the list and this 3LAU guy has 200k followers, a bunch of others have 20-40k followers. Also Paris Hilton is working with it, which should get some media attention. 

In the video they highlight how Flare is much more eco-friendly than ETH, and has low minting costs for NFTs (under $1). It says coming in summer 2021. 

Another notable thing is there is a foundation as part of it which will search out artists from developing nations. 

As ever, Flare continues to impress with the projects they have encouraged even before the launch. I wonder how much of this is the result of the team reaching out to people? Surely low minting fees and significantly lower carbon emissions than ETH is a selling point, but how are these things started up? It's interesting. This will turn some heads, especially as it very directly showcases itself as better than ETH. 


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Looking into this 3LAU guy. It seems he is a DJ and EDM producer. Appeared at the Ultra Music Festival in 2019. Seems that he is a pioneer of using NFTs and crypto for selling his stuff. Guy has 439k followers on soundcloud. 

Some news from March this year:

History has been made – Top blockchain influencer and renowned musician 3LAU (in partnership with Origin Protocol) has sold a record-breaking $11.6 Million in NFTs via an online auction from February 25-28. This is a record for overall sales for a single NFT drop/collection, as well as the highest price paid for a single NFT ($3.6M).

Seems like he's not messing around. 

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