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TrustMoon Bounty Program Is Distributing 25 Trillion Reward Tokens


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·       TrustMoon announces its Bounty Program on 13th May 2021.

·       Our team is distributing 25 trillion TrustMoon tokens in the bounty campaign.

·       The token presale is set to go live on 1st June 2021 with the major token giveaway.

·       It will also run an event to list tokens on PancakeSwap and 1icnh on 4th June 2021 to add liquidity.

·       Defi wallet, exchange, loans, insurance, and staking is yet to be released with exclusive facets for regular users.

TrustMoon Network has launched a bounty reward program on 13th May 2021, where participants hold an opportunity to earn free tokens rapidly. The participants should complete various bounty tasks to grab TrustMoon tokens.

The more tasks accomplished, the more tokens you can earn.  The user needs to simply submit their proof of work in a google document mentioned below and it will be reviewed by the respective Bounty Manager. Accordingly, the manager will update the bounty sheet with preference and rewards.

Pay-outs will be made few weeks after every month.  The team has also planned for the future for the best bounty hunters. They will be provided a good opportunity to earn rewards in addition to TrustMoon tokens after analysing their performance on a consistent basis.

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TrustMoon Bounty Campaign Tasks

The bounty participants need to accomplish tasks promoting the TrustMoon news and project-related stuff on various social media channels to receive rewards. The user can easily access news updates and articles on the TrustMoon blog, Twitter, and Telegram.

Twitter Bounty: The user can share the latest projects and news from TrustMoon Network on Twitter using hashtags #TrustMoon, #TrustMoontoken, #TrustMooncoin, #TrustMoonBounty, #TrustMoonAirdrop #TrustMoonPresale, etc.

Article Bounty: The participant needs to write an article about the recent updates, latest news, and projects from TrustMoon Network.

Video Bounty: The candidate needs to create a video related to the latest news and updates from TrustMoon Network.

The respective participants will receive their token rewards right in their submitted compatible wallet addresses. Don’t just think, join the Bounty program right away!

The total supply bounty is 2.5 % tokens out of 1 Quadrillion, which is allotted to marketing around 25000000000000. The bounty participants might be split into different pools according to their method of contribution with each pool performing its own distribution of TrustMoon tokens.

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General Bounty Program Requirements

To participate in the bounty campaign, the user can directly join TrustMoon, and according to the activities we will trace all bounty participation. The users are requested to fill in the form: https://tinyurl.com/vbp85tk3 to submit their bounty tasks.

In the form, every single detail about individual bounty task is mentioned. Go through every section thoroughly and fill out the required details:

·       Choose the bounty program type you are picking;

·       Enter your Twitter profile link;

·       Feed in the Telegram ID;

·       Enter the link of published video/article, and

·       Give us your BEP20 address for transferring the TrustMoon tokens.

The participants should follow the TrustMoon token channel on Telegram, Medium, Facebook, and the official Twitter page. Every single update regarding TrustMoon can be found on any platform you visit associated with TrustMoon.

Bounty 1: Social Media Contribution

1. Follow on Telegram: https://t.me/TheTrustMoon (@trustmoon)

2. Follow, Like, Comment, Retweet TrustMoon on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheTrustMoon  

3. Follow Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/TrustMoon  

4. Follow Medium and Clap: https://trustmoon.medium.com/   

5. Comment some positive message about project with #TrustMoon $TrustMoon #buyTrustMoon #TrustMoonTokens tags

Bounty 2: Video Bounty Contribution

Create and publish a short video related to TrustMoon token/project and claim tokens.

The Keynotes:

1. The user channel should have at least 5000+ followers and the video must reach 5000+ views

2. The video title need to include attractive title with TrustMoon, TrustMoon token, etc keywords.  

3. Create an innovative description about the project and token to the moon with some project explanation

4. Video should include price prediction of TrustMoon token to reach 2000% upwards by 20th May

Title suggestion: How to Buy TrustMoon Tokens?

Bounty 1: Article Bounty Contribution

The participant needs to write and publish articles on reputed portals.

The Keynotes:

1. The article title should include the name "TrustMoon token"

2. The article published on whatsoever site must attain at least 2000 views and impressions.

Important Note:

* The TrustMoon Airdrop will end on 30th May 2021

* Reward distribution will be accomplished after 30th May

* We advise you to purchase and hold tokens for early adaptors benefits.

Note: Submit your work here to claim your bounty reward tokens: https://forms.gle/bmHGb9KHZNb6TmGz6

TrustMoon Tokenomics                        

·       Token Name: TrustMoon

·       Symbol: $TrustMoon

·       Total supply: 1 Quadrillion Tokens

·       Expected Holders: 4050000

·       Estimated Growth: 5000%

·       Market Cap: $8.9B

·       Referral Bounty: 25% of the total supply

The interested participants can also purchase TrustMoon tokens on BSC Scan and PancakeSwap. Here is the link:

1.       TrustMoon BSC Scan address: https://bscscan.com/token/0x47669Dc0080d683F1fdA85cE1ab92C86ccd2228e

2.       TrustMoon Tokens on PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x47669Dc0080d683F1fdA85cE1ab92C86ccd2228e

Also, check out the TrustMoon token distribution:

1. Liquidity fee- 7%

2. Distribution fee- 3%

3. Initial Burn- 50%

4. Presale- 25%

5. Liquidity- 20%

6. Marketing and Rewards- 5%

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About TrustMoon Project

TrustMoon Network is a blockchain platform offering decentralized financial banking solutions. The team aims to reward facets in the form of manual burn, LP acquisition tools, static rewards, etc.

They recently announced that some of the blockchain applications are still in progress and will be released soon for public use. They provide a reliable community-driven, high-yielding, and safe liquidity generation protocol for any user to invest and trade their assets.

TrustMoon platform helps investors innovate Defi banking solutions with their transparent services. TrustMoon tokens are newly created BSC-20 token that operates on the Binance Smart chain network.

This token holds the potential operability of the TrustMoon decentralized finance banking transactions. The platform also uses a layer 2 network to offer a prominent auto-liquidity mechanism to gather huge demand with a rapid token economy from the market space.

Latest Updates:

Ø  Presale Program is all set to kickstart from 1st June 2021; 25% of TrustMoon tokens will be


Ø  TrustMoon Bounty Campaign has started from 13th May 2021 distributing worth 25 Trillion tokens.

Ø  The platform has added the event on its official website to add liquidity. This event will initiate from 4th June 2021 and will be listed on PancakeSwap and 1icnh.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the media on following channels. Many updates will be added soon. Here are the media lists: Website | Telegram Group | Twitter | Reddit and Medium.























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