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Sec reply to fair notice defence


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  • HAL1000 changed the title to Sec reply to fair notice defence

To sum it up - Ripple we would like our fair notice defence to be accepted by the court, the SEC, no way, because it would set a legal precedent that would allow all others we may choose to go after in the future to use such a defence.

Followed by a lot of legalese BS + look at these other cases etc, to justify the SEC's stance on this matter + hey judge this will require us, i.e. the SEC to do a lot more work. 1.5 billion $ loss to XRP holders, still no response to John Deaton's 17,000+ class action and of course the 30,000+ signed petition to investigate JC and Henchman, sorry SEC for making you work harder, next time SUE a company that is doing something WRONG and not trying to do the right thing.

P.s. When you SUE the right people etc, you will have investors cheering you on, not suing you, that's how you can tell the good cases from bad ones, just an FYI SEC.

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