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10 year SEC lawyer - quits


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1 hour ago, peanut56 said:

The attorney that left was Dugan Bliss. I didn't listen past that because I don't like youtube. No offense to the creator, poster, or those that do enjoy the vidoes. 

Same feelings here... Who has the time for watching 10min+ long videos, when the same message can be communicated in 3-5 sentences?

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It's not an "emergency" update, it's not a "BOOM BREAKING NEWS" with 50 :bomb::bomb::bomb: on both sides of the all cap announcement that I saw on twitter.  One of the SEC attorneys withdrew as he's leaving the SEC.  Not a big deal at all (unless he joins One River - then by all means ALL CAP IT AND :bomb:S A PLENTY).  

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He's joining Vitalik, he pays more :)

Sorry the vids bug people, I was lazy and could not be bothered typing or finding proper news links.

Jeremy Hogan

Lots of people asking if the SEC attorney withdrawing from the case means anything. Very likely not. The lawyer has probably accepted a much more "lucrative" position at a big New York defense firm - just like the career progression of half of Ripple's defense team. :)

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The general opinion is that this lawyer quit (at a key time) to take a higher paying job.  No one knows and that's an easy option.  What nags at me is the fact that this lawyer quit right after we heard news of the Chicago specialists being hired.  The timing is suspicious.  I think it lends more credence to the fact that there was an internal directional change that had a ripple effect (no pun intended).   If true, either he was pushed out because he wasnt cutting the mustard or they didnt like his direction, or he didnt like the direction they decided to change to.  The lawyers for the SEC seem to go at Ripple with all their will, and if there was a directional change that made him want to leave then it would be that the SEC is considering a softer landing that he didnt agree with.

That, of course, would be confirmed if we see him show up at Jay Clayton's firm - I rule nothing out.

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