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HADA and HADALITE- An experiment in NFT’s, XRPL and DEX.


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I have created various trading pairs for HADALITE, including SEC Coin, XTK, Solo, CSC and others.

Not so much for HADA as we are still working on distribution.

It appears a significant amount of people don't know how to use the DEX so I intend to write some instructions on trading custom pairs.

Unfortunately, XRPTOOLKIT does not allow for this. Gatehub does but is messy in its presentation of token names and SOLOGENIC fails to present any data for trades or charts. 

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Wow, that’s awesome that what started out as just a fun experiment/learning venture already has value in such a short period of time. Imagine you pulled a Doge with this. Then I’ll be salty for not having gotten in at the start cuz I saw this post pretty freshly posted 😂

Anyway, congrats. I hope this keeps on growing and getting better and that you end up learning tons from it, including perhaps finding ways to automate most of it so signing 100 transactions isn’t a pain. 

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Well something flipped a switch amongst all this trustline craziness.

We are now on our way to 2000 trustlines for each token. I think that can be regarded as traction. I've enlisted some people to send both tokens. We intend to  distributing in 100k (Hada) and 10K (Hadalite) to all accounts with trustlines. Howver, this will take time.

There are now token icons and logos being designed. I spent 100xrp and some hada:hadalite. I'll post them here when they are ready.

I've spent 100 xrp for our influencer/distributor @megaman.xrpl.

Except for the original token creation these are the only costs so far to come from the 1000 xrp excrow which will be realesed next week.

I also intend to donate 100 xrp to various sites and devs whose services I have found indespensible to this project.

I've also raised about 500xrp from sales and donations which will go into the operating account.

A website is being designed and developed and a whitepaper is being drafted. This project is evolving with much community contribution.

Once a basic Hello World website is launched (Phase 1) we will look to further develop a complete NFT market place (Phase 2/3) where you can mint and sell your own NFTs, buy other NFT or just view NFTs availble on the DEX. This should be currency agnostic for any currency on the DEX with the artist selecting the currencies they are willing to except. Pathfinding should do the rest.

We've also decided to start a token museum (Phase 1/2), where users can get information on new token launches and token creators can provide data and access our network for distribution. The museum will endeavour to hold 1 of each token issued on the XRPL, good and bad. There will also be information on trustline creation, tokenomics, etc.. Think of coinmarketcap for XRPL issued tokens.

Further to that, once the escrow is released we intend to switch all our blogging platforms to Coil and try to use xrpl or decentralised options where possible.

Thats it for now. I'll update when there is more news.




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Since my last update we have now grown too 3500 trustlines for both tokens, 700 followers in twitter and a discord channel with 250 members.

It appears my original post here has now been read over 2000 times. Which is extrordinary.

I'm not 100% sure whats going to happen here but I guess the goal is to see if we can build a thriving business and ecosystem with 1000 xrp, community spirit and some luck.

Next week i'll start a Coil blog to document this process and a website, whitepaper and NFTs are coming!

Also, any of the above offers have now expired. If you set a trust line you will receive the distribution as with anyone else.

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