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[Anonymous Poll] Have you sold?

Have you sold?  

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  1. 1. Have you sold?

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  • billion changed the title to [Anonymous Poll] Have you sold?
21 minutes ago, mrhat75 said:

No, if coins that are a pile of dogshit are 2-3x ATH then you'd think that the best project in the space would be at least that. Unfortunately not

XRP barely stretching over HALF its ATH really is ridiculous and painful. I'm not doubting XRP will have its day eventually but considering I've been in this market and lurking these forums daily since July 2017, it really stings when people entered just 2 months ago and experienced 10x gains with meme coins.

I'm not blaming anyone but myself of course for not taking action just last month when we hit $2, but can anyone really blame us for not selling at half the ATH? Especially considering XRP is the last to do its run etc etc. 

Meh anyway, I'm still well in the green and won't sell anything anytime soon. I really do feel bad for those that bought near the April top :(

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