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A Chat with John Deaton


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18 hours ago, HAL1000 said:


In this one hour interview Mr. Deaton explains how SEC's lawsuit is weak and almost self-contradictory to what it has been doing for the last eight years, and that what it could/should have done instead. He also explains the meaning of the lawsuit including potential impacts on the crypto industry and the scope of his intervention. The video gives us clearly an entire picture of the lawsuit and is definitely worth watching. 

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The Self Enriching Criminals will loot the whole of crypto at will if they win this case, it will set a precedent they will use to show off their so-called legal right, to do whatever they like in the crypto sphere. If Ripple loses then the whole of crypto will become the SEC's new piggy bank. Investors, developers, exchanges will not get any kind of fair notice and unlike Ripple who can afford to fight these Self Enriching Criminals, most of the rest of us, will find we have no way to afford to defend ourselves against these modern day privateers.

If the SEC win this case, then almost any entity in the USA who deals in crypto, may as well just hand over whatever valuables the SEC ask for. Don't think for one second the SEC won't do this, they will, they have shown their determination, belligerence and outright bloody mindedness, despite 17,000+ in a class action against them & 30,000+ asking for an investigation into Joker and Henchman.

The SEC watched this market develop over 10+ years, they gave ETH and BTC a nod and a wink etc, BUT the company that tried it's hardest in the whole of the crypto arena to meet regulators and follow the rules etc, gets this BS treatment.


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