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Jeremy Hogan Talks BIG WIN for Ripple in the SEC v. Ripple / XRP Lawsuit at Hearing Today


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The SEC said for years, if you want to know if what you're doing is OK with us, then come talk to us, OK say's Ripple well we tried for 8+ years, and you gave us nothing but a lawsuit in the end, seems fair NOT. Imagine walking into a police station every day with a bunch of your friends for years and talking to the cops about what you're doing and asking hey is this OK, then you all get pinched, without so much as a hint that what you and others were doing is wrong in their eyes. Especially when ETH (ICO) presale gets the public nod of approval from the very same cops.

Suck it SEC, from now on we will have to use Elon's neural link to find out what you're thinking, because trying to talk to you DID NOT WORK.


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2 hours ago, NightJanitor said:

Google showed me an ad for an exchange touting that it was "NO KYC / 0 Fees!" and all I needed was an email, while I watched the above video on Youtube about SEC going after people and companies who do nothing but try to comply.

That's irony for you...

It's bewildering. Like a bad trip when confusion really sets in and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we call life are not fitting into place

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I dunno what that's like, but when I went to school we just called it "corruption" - and then made the corrupt clean it up.

I dunno what "Phemex" is, but I'd imagine their days are numbered - as are the days of Google raking in their ad dough.

We'll see...  Maybe they were running that ad, maybe they weren't.  Odd that they'd show me that ad, as I'm in the USA.

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