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XRP Ripple BREAKING news today (5/21): SEC v. Ripple letter RAPID REACTION TO CALL, RULING PENDING!


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IMO some at the SEC set a trap for crypto and deliberately gave no clear guidance for a very long time, until the crypto money tree had become ripe for the pickings. If the SEC win this, then EVERYONE involved in crypto in ANY way, developers, exchanges, investors etc, had better watch their wallets, these Self Enriching Criminals WILL be like a bunch of legalized pick pockets.

GG want's stronger rules (laws) to PROTECT INVESTORS, I SAY GOD HELP INVESTORS if the SEC get their way, 30,000+ signatures telling GG to investigate Henchman & Joker, 17,000+ in a class action lawsuit. DON'T let the SEC win, because this will all look like nothing if they do. Maybe nobody will stop this agency, until their actions cause 100's of billions or even trillions of dollars worth of investor, developer, exchange loss etc, before they are stopped.


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