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can someone tell me how I can send xrp to coinbase wallet . I had my xrp in coinbase and wanted to send it to coinbase wallet. For some reason coinbase sent to to xrp scan and I am not sure how to get my xrp back to coinbase wallet 

please help

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xrpscan is a block explorer, it gives you information about XRP wallets and transactions, it doesn't actually hold the XRP. If coinbase is giving you an xrpscan link, then possibly there was a withdrawal made from your coinbase wallet to another XRP wallet, and xrpscan is showing you the details of where the XRP is now.

If you check your withdrawal history in Coinbase can you see anything? If there was a withdrawal made that you didn't authorise, your Coinbase account may have been hacked and you should change your Coinbase password, email password, and contact Coinbase to let them know.

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