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Can not connect ledger to the XRP Toolkit to set up for Spark airdrop


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New here,

I cannot connect my ledger on the XRP toolkit to finish setting up my ledger for the airdrop.  I know I have until June 11th to get it set up.  My XRP was on my ledger prior to the snapshot date in December.  Everything is up to date with firmware.  The tool kit is able to find my nano x, however when I go to open my wallet on the nano X to continue the process I keep receiving the message of "Unexpected Device State."  I have tried restarting both the nano and computer, and made sure all applications and ledger live is closed prior to trying.  Has anyone experienced this issue and been able to rectify it? Thanks in advance.

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Some things to check:

Is the Nano on the latest (or even a recent) firmware version? [make sure you know your 24 words before upgrading]

Try a different USB cable

Try a different USB port on the computer

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