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The Aliens are here...


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Are there aliens among us?

For decades, the question was met with irreverent eye-rolls more often than serious concern or curiosity. But that might be about to change, in favor of earnest consideration.

Congress is holding the first public hearing on unidentified aerial vehicles (UAVs, or UFOs) next week — the first in 50 years — which will feature key testimony from two high-level defense intelligence officials, according to a tweet from Indiana Congressman André Carson.

While we probably won't hear groundbreaking reports of confirmed extraterrestrial activity at the hearing next Tuesday, May 17, this event will help bring legitimacy to a subject that is often too stigmatized for many alleged accounts to come forward.

In other words, once Congress' hearing is complete, new reports from military and government officials might start to trickle in.

Congress: UFOs 'do represent physical objects'

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I think it's more plausible that Russia or China has hacked the equipment the US and is using it to draw their own shapes on the US's screens. Anyone else, that claims they've seen a UFO is full of shit or high on drugs.

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