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The Aliens are here...


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On 9/7/2023 at 10:09 PM, HAL1000 said:


To be intellectually honest about EW, he is getting a lot of publicity and is pushing his geometric unity theory... but there are some smart people in the same field, who should be listened to....


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Nasa's James Webb Space Telescope may have discovered tentative evidence of a sign of life on a faraway planet.

It may have detected a molecule called dimethyl sulphide (DMS). On Earth, at least, this is only produced by life.

The researchers stress that the detection on the planet 120 light years away is "not robust" and more data is needed to confirm its presence.

Researchers have also detected methane and CO2 in the planet's atmosphere.

Detection of these gases could mean the planet, named K2-18b, has a water ocean.

Prof Nikku Madhusudhan, of the University of Cambridge, who led the research, told BBC News that his entire team were ''shocked'' when they saw the results.

"On Earth, DMS is only produced by life. The bulk of it in Earth's atmosphere is emitted from phytoplankton in marine environments," he said.



If found to be true, then it bodes well, that the universe is full of life, maybe even intelligent life, with intergalactic travelling spaceships???

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This is 3 years old, but this is new to me OMFG...

And I know this thread has already shown this, but it seems appropriate to show it again

30 seconds of video footage that shows something that basically physics say's can't be done... and the most important question, how did he know to be there at the right time to film it????

I always had a doubt, I don't think I have any anymore, the US government / contractors etc, have alien tech in their possession. Murderers are convicted on less evidence, this is getting so F'ing real.

@FOOD :)

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