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What organizations run Ripple validators?

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I've read an article in local newspaper mentioning Ripple as centralized alternative to Bitcoin. I wanted to react that it's not really true because the validators are run by various reputable companies but I'm having troubles to search them. I recall something like Microsoft running one, but from what I found it seems they only added support to Azure, not own validator. MIT's node is red in list of active validators (does it mean it's offline?). And I don't see CGI there.

So who is operating Ripple nodes? I mean other than Ripple Inc.

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According to the validators page: attokyo.com, xagate.com, GateHub, MIT, duke67.com, bougalis.net (that's me), youwant.to (that's @JoelKatz) and a few other entities that haven't verified their v

I run a validator, however I don't want to buy a domain name (especially since I don't want a WHOIS entry) so I can't have it displayed as "verified".


OOPS maybe not -

Kraken is discontinuing service in Washington state on Wednesday
March 15th. This decision comes after careful consideration of our
revenue and operating costs in Washington. While revenue continues
to grow, operating costs have become prohibitive, primarily due to the
high cost of continuing to meet the regulatory compliance
requirements imposed by the state.
Unfortunately it has become impractical for us to operate in
Washington and we must discontinue service for all residents. Since
you are a Washington resident, we are sorry that we must suspend
all services in your account. Services will be turned off in two steps
according to the schedule below:
Wednesday March 15th: Deposits and trading will be
suspended for all Washington residents please
stop all ...


Well OK Poloniex -

What the Hell !!

Notice Regarding Your Poloniex Account


Bittrex seems like last best hope.

After careful consideration of the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions'
interpretation of its financial services regulations, we regret to inform you that Poloniex
will be suspending operations for our customers residing in Washington until further
notice. As a verified Washington resident, you have two weeks to close any open orders
and withdraw your funds from Poloniex.
During this time, your account will function normally, but you will be prohibited from
opening new margin positions, adding to existing ones, and lending funds.
After April 21, 2017, your account will be placed in a suspended state and access will be
restricted. If you still have funds on balance at this time, you will need to file a support
ticket in order to withdraw your funds. There is no deadline o...


Bittrex seems like last best hope!



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49 minutes ago, Sukrim said:

I run a validator, however I don't want to buy a domain name (especially since I don't want a WHOIS entry) so I can't have it displayed as "verified".

Maybe it would be a good thing to have an inofficial list of all the xrpchat members running a validator. Or maybe at least we can open a thread where everybody can post the validation public key of the node he is running.

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