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Sign the petition to let GG know WE KNOW


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21000+ already have, if you want justice for what Joker Clayton and Henchman did, then sign the petition linked above - see below for more about this:-

Over the past few months, evidence has publicly mounted which raises serious questions about the motivations behind the 11th hour charges brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against cryptocurrency innovator Ripple Labs and two executives in December 2020.

We’re asking Gary Gensler, recently confirmed as the new Chairman of the SEC, to take a close look at the SEC’s allegations against Ripple Labs, its cofounders, and the harm the SEC’s actions have already – and needlessly – caused to holders of the digital currency XRP.

Mr. Gensler, we also petition you to:

·       Make a public commitment to sitting down with the holders of XRP and other digital assets to understand what it truly means to defend investors at the SEC.  Your agency is trying to silence our voices in the Ripple lawsuit.  Show us you understand what your job is all about.

·       End the Ripple lawsuit and stop the SEC from making up cryptocurrency rules through lawsuits in place of writing these rules properly, with public input and partnership with the U.S. Congress. 

·       Join together with U.S. crypto and blockchain developers and digital asset holders to develop a clear regulatory framework for everyone, which make sense and protects innovation while fighting fraud and criminality.  We are all ready to work with you.

·       Request the SEC Inspector General conduct a thorough investigation of the matters that led to the last-minute lawsuit against Ripple, filed on the last day in office by former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton.  That investigation must look into the contacts and relationships – past and present – between former Chairman Clayton and former SEC Director of Corporate Finance William Hinman in the United States, China and other countries, which had direct or indirect interest in the policy statements and official opinions they both issued during their tenure at the SEC on cryptocurrencies and other assets they sought to regulate.


The link does have an issue with some ad blockers.


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