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Favorite exchanges & why


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I'm using Bitstamp. I think their security is really good and they have a very trust-worthy history... BUT they only offer Bitcoin and XRPs. They also do not offer a wallet option for XRPs - at least not yet. It would be nice if they offered a broader range. I'm interested to learn about the other exchanges.

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I use Kraken and am generally really happy with it. They offer a lot of different options for coins and are able to accomadate a range of abiliity when it comes to trading experience.

Specifically for XRP they have the 2nd highest volume after polo. That said polo have circa 70% and Kraken is just 5%.



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10 hours ago, David80 said:

I ask because I am in the process of opening an account with Gatehub and noticed that same request for latin written documents.  Is there really no way to open an account with them without this?

Just to be clear you mean written in Latin Alphabet, not Latin itself right?

Latin alphabet covers most of Western Europe, North America, Africa and a select few Asian countries.

Written in Latin... I think only the Holy See does that these days :P

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Ha!  you're right, thanks!  my stuff was accepted, now im waiting for the approval.  I've heard that gatehub deposits 20 or 25 xrpinto youre account automatically, even before you're fully approved for US bank wires and such.  that didn't happen when i signed up.  my wallet is still empty.  do i just go to coinbase and by bitcoin and send to gatehub and convert to xrp?

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"Favorite exchanges & why"

I like Coinbase for fiat (USD), then transfer the fiat to GDAX (also owned by Coinbase), then convert fiat to bitcoins using a limit order so that you minimize or get rid of "fees" altogether depending on how patient you are.  Once traded, you can send your bitcoin from GDAX to the exchange of your choice to get zerpies provided they have the right xrp market.

I haven't purchased ripples in years...the last time I did was off a ripple gateway called snapswap.us, but they went out of business a while back, so don't know which exchange is good for purchasing ripple, but personally I like poloniex (I've never had any issues with it like others have) and bittrex.  If only binance had ripple markets - I found the speed of binance's trading platform impressive.

Here are a number of exchanges hosting ripple markets according to CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets

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