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Lost of 443.05 xrp due to wrong destination tag

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 recently i withdraw 443.05xrp from wazirx and deposit in huobi exchange but by my mistake i fill wrong destination tag .so please do something this is very huge amount for me.so please cancel that order and refund it into my huobi account as soon as possible.i belong to very poor family  i will die if i am not get my money back sir.my father is admitted in hospital due to corona.

Wrong Destination tag:-109492

Right destination tag:-106492

Name:- shubham



Email:- shubhampanday540@gmail.com




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If you used the wrong destination tag, the only thing to do is contact the exchange you send it to. Once the transaction is on ledger, the source exchange cannot change anything anymore.

If you are lucky, the destination tag does not exist, and the payment cannot be processed. If not, the payment is done to the account holder that owns this destination tag. If he/she is honest, they can return your money, but the recieving exchange needs to assist you in contacting the reciever.

So step 1 is contact the recieving exchange. They could charge you for this service....

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Please remove your personal tags and email address by using the EDIT icon at top right of your post.  They serve no purpose here and are security risks to you.

Bad people collect this type of information and can use it to rob you of funds or trick you into losing more money.

As mentioned above there is no way to ever reverse the transaction,  so you must contact the receiving exchange and start a problem ticket with them.  Good luck to you and your family.



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7 minutes ago, Paul_Nam said:

Knowing that I sent xrp to my wallet address, but entered the wrong destination tag

If, your post's words: "my wallet address" is indeed YOUR XRP Ledger account number, then the transferred XRP tokens would be moved to your XRP Ledger account - assuming your account address was correctly used as the destination.

The tag is only used for an address that is used to receive XRP from multiple sources (as with an exchange). 

For the case of an exchange's address, it's like a zip code, with the tag being the house's street and number.

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