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The Real Reason JC went after Ripple and Garlinghouse?

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As the above article states they do have history:-

"Garlinghouse—who is accused of pocketing $150 million from his illegal sales—chose an unusual strategy to call out Clayton by name in his tweets, comparing him to the grumpy Christmas-stealing Grinch."

Feels kinda personal doesn't it, the plot thickens, can't wait for the movie, it feels like the whole crypto world and XRP has gotten embroiled in their spat, with JC throwing a grenade at Garlinghouse and Ripple on his way out of the door. It's funny to think, crypto in America, hinges on this BS.

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I think it was personal, but judging by the article's obvious inaccuracies and lack of detail about JC's own dishonesty and corruption I would guess this is written by BTC Maxi who hates Ripple/XRP. 

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