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Wrong destination tag used


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Hi all forum members,

I'm kinda new to the world of crypot but have been facinated by the XRP community from the start. 

A couple days ago I tried to sent my XRP tokens to my Bitvavo exchange wallet from my ledger. 

As I wasn't aware of the destination tag that was needed to use, I filled in 123456. 

I've immediately opened a ticket at the support team of Bitvavo but so far have not received a reply yet. Is it possible for them to retreive my tokens as the tag 123456 does not exist?


This is the transaction id; B875E5DC7CD69F16B8C78A956E9E57155DD188A8DE42CE4A5D3EE10FB2F705CB


I would appreciate your comments. 


GR, Maikel

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They should be able BUT it is possible that the funds got credited to another user (if there is a user for this tag, hopefully as you said, not), this would complicate things. I cannot understand why you just typed in something without doing a minimal amount of research.

You just have to wait it out, this could take some hours, days or weeks, depending on their support speed.

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Hi Tricer,


Thanks for your reply. I wasn't aware of the tag being so important as I started my crypto journey with BTC and ETH. Coming from that world I didn't know XRP exchanges work with shared wallet adresses. Looking at the uniqueness of the tag it is never a 6 digit figure so from my point of view, the tag I used should not exist. Thanks again for your reply and I'll post here whenever the support team comes back to me.

GR, Maikel

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2 hours ago, Maikel said:

Update on the topic: the Bitvavo support team allocated the xrp tokens to my wallet using the correct destination tag after 14 days. Glad it has been solved.

Glad to hear it's been figured out. Crypto is tricky and these little differences between coins are also complex. Don't be too put off. A good practice is to test with a small amount first (luckily on XRP the transaction fees are very low so this is not a problem). I've been doing this for years and I still get a bit iffy when sending large amounts. 

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