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Don't Forget to Claim Your Spark from Flare!!!

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Haha, I guess that would make me Mark Zuckerberg? Help! Haha. I understand and somewhat like tha analogy, but the difference is that in case of Facebook the creator of the app is also the company havi

Just a reminder because we are edging towards the significant dates. If you owned XRP on December 12th 2020, you are eligible for the FLR airdrop. If you had your XRP on a ledger nano or something whe

How much XRP realistically do you folks think will be brought over to Flare to earn rewards for minting f-assets? Even a conservative 5% of the circulating XRP supply coming onto Flare will create *im

On 6/8/2021 at 11:46 PM, brianwalden said:

It's not just the amount, you need to check that the claim address or message key is set to an Ethereum address that you control. The amount shows what you're eligible to receive, the address being set shoes that you claimed it.

Flare is expecting to launch by the end of June give or take 2/4 weeks. So soonish, but no one knows when yet. You'll receive the FLR at the address you set but on the Flare Network, not Ethereum. Imagine if crypto ledgers were banks. You've got the key to security box 12345 at the Bank of Ethereum. Crypto is a crazy world where that key also unlocks security box 12345 at Flare Bank. The airdrop will be delivered to security box 12345 at Flare Bank and you'll use the key you got from the Bank of Ethereum to open the box.

Thanks for clarifying. Used the flare tool website or whatever it's called and all seems good.

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25 minutes ago, gamblin310 said:

Does anyone know what's going on with this?

No heard nothing new. Flare has been a little more vocal about exchanges listing the token, so it seems fairly likely that a good percentage of the participating exchanges will list, but I would be very hesitant to say that they will all definitely list, especially when talking about the big names like Binance. They are likely not under any legal obligation to list the token. I’m sure when it is confirmed we will hear all about it, but so far Flare haven’t said anything more about it.

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