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teach an xrp noob how to trade 🙂


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years ago i bought xrp and stored them in a wallet called "exarpy". the wallet has since shut down and directed me to the xrp ledger. this is where im lost. i want to trade that xrp for usd but i dont know how to access it. i have all my passwords saved and a binance account set up. i greatly appreciate your help. Thanks! 🙂

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Don't share them here, but do you have either a long string of characters that starts with 's' or a bunch of words that they gave you?

If you have one of those, you can download the XUMM wallet app for your phone and import your wallet. It sounds like you want to send them to Binance to trade? Once you've got access to your wallet, you can follow Binance's instructions for how to deposit them.

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