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XUMM problem sending self-issued currency


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I have wallets for my family members and I tried to send them a self-issued IOU. So I used XRP Toolkit to setup trustlines for that IOU going from their wallets to my wallet. But then I couldn't actually send them the token from my XUMM wallet because it wouldn't show up in my list of coins to send and there was no way to enter it manually. I got around it by selling one of them one IOU on the DEX and then once my account had a balance of -1 for the IOU, I had the option to send it to my other family members in future transactions.

I think the problem is in choosing the currency to send before you select who you send it to. You should select the recipient first so that you can select from the coins they're willing to receive. I think most transactions are about giving the recipient the exact amount of the exact coin they want, not sending an exact amount of a coin from your wallet and however much gets to the recipient and in what currency doesn't matter.

If I remember correctly, the old RippleTrade wallet let you select who to pay, what currency they would receive, and what amount and then show you the various ways that you could send it. Did that pathfinding mechanism get removed somewhere along the line? I tried XRP Toolkit and the SOLO wallet as well and none of them would let me send a self-issued currency with a zero balance from my wallet. I always had to start the payment by choosing a coin from my wallet (not a coin the recipient was willing to receive) and they all wouldn't let me send a coin with no balance and no outgoing trustline. And there was never an option to manually enter the IOU to send, I always had to choose from a pre-defined list.

I love the XUMM wallet but this is maybe a feature that could be considered in the future. I know it used to be a standard wallet feature back before FinCen. Being able to send people money in whatever form they want while you only hold the currency you want is kind of the whole point of The XRPL.

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46 minutes ago, brianwalden said:

Yeah I didn't want to bug him, but thanks.

No worries.  I think probably he doesn’t mind because his passion is this app and the XRPL.  Your use case is an interesting one so I reckon he would be pleased to comment if he can find the time.  ( I’m sure he is insanely busy but he does find some time to comment here occasionally)

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Thanks for the mention people!

To prevent a polluted account balance overview XUMM indeed only shows self issued currencies when the balance is non zero. To be honest, I don't think you can even call it a self issued currency if the balance is zero, because then you issued nothing.

The first issuance is advanced use, to keep XUMM simple for most users we didn't add all XRPL features in the XUMM user interface, but XUMM can sign for all transaction types.

Using xApps, created by other developers and ecosystem participants, or using XUMM integrations like the one with xrptoolkit.com, Xumm.community and hopefully others in the future XUMM will be able to offer those advanced use cases as well. A good example is the token issuer xApp already available in XUMM, created by Nixer.

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