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South Korea May Shut Down All Crypto Exchanges


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I said this in a post on here in 2019 that I believe that exchanges will either have to become banks, align with banks or they will be put out of business by banks and regulators, crypto has been deemed to essential.  This is only the beginning Kudo's to coinbase, kraken for making the moves they are making it will be harder for them to be taken down with the gestapo style tactics that will be used. This is definitely a sign that crypto is here to stay, when there is more talks of regulating and realigning than crushing!!  Privacy coins and things that don't align with regulations and laws are being put officially on notice!!  Moves like this even though on the other side of the planet make me feel pretty good about XRP, because outside of this circus being put on by the SEC XRP with Ripples utilization has been everything regulation wants in a digital asset "ACCOUNTABILITY!"



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