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running rippled with full blockchain


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Hi all, i'm new to Ripple. I'm going to add XRP support to my project, I need to send/receive transactions and access transaction history. I don't want to trust ANY validator so as I understand I have to run rippled with full blockchain with all transactions, it is possible? How much disk space should I take for a full validator node? 2TB SSD? 4TB SSD? more?

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You must trust some validators, because they determine which chain you track (e.g. testnet or mainnet).

Full transaction history is about 4 TB at the moment, which needs to be on SSDs and most of it is typically stored in a single file (so you also need to look into disk pooling solutions). Downloading the data alone will take quite long though, because there is only a handful of server in the network that serve historic data. Until you have all data you'll likely need a few GB or TB more storage.

You'll also need a relatively fast internet connection, in case you want to do this on premise instead of from a data center. About 20 Mbit/sec upstream and downstream constantly, depending on how many peers you connect to, more if you are still syncing historic data.

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