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Privacy concerns with the xrpl


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Transparency on the xrpl is great, but not in every case.

If the xrpl is used by a huge number of individuals for everyday payments in different currencies and holding of their savings, a data leak of an exchange could be dangerous, if home address or personal data get into wrong hands. And data leaks occurrred more than one time. 

Is there a possibility to bring more privacy to the xrpl accounts? Is there something to be developed by ripple?

I know that authorities don't like privacy coins because of money laundering etc. but the other side is the danger for the single user.

What is your opinion?

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This is a trade-off that all public ledgers make. In order to achieve decentralization they sacrifice privacy. It looks like Ripple is working on developing a system of private ledgers that connect to the public XRPL. So if a payment is moving from a sender on private ledger A through the XRPL to a recipient on private ledger B, the ultimate sender and receiver could possibly be hidden as it moves across the XRPL. We don't really have details on how it all will work yet.

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