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Ripple Network vs. XRP


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Question: Because the Ripple platform is token-agnostic, what if Ripple Labs uses their network successfully to facilitate another nation's CBDC, bank or stable coin usage.  Ripple stock would naturally skyrocket but how would this affect XRP?  It a country does not use XRP, would XRP value still benefit?  The usage would likely still be on the XRP ledger but not using the XRP token per se.  Does my question and concern make sense?  As an XRP backer I am concerned that owning Ripple might be an equally or more important play if the Ripple network is used for banks, countries, etc. but using alternative tokens. Thanks.

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You're right, the XRPL can be used with only small amounts of XRP (for transaction fees, etc.) if you want to only use issued currencies.

Ripple believes that in a multi-currency environment, XRP has advantages over issued currencies on the XRPL. First, XRP has no counterparty risk. It can't be frozen or not accepted by the intended recipient. Whenever two issued currencies have a market with each other (say USD-EUR), the XRPL will synthetically merge the orders for each individual currency against XRP into the order book. So it will combine the USD-XRP orders and XRP-EUR orders to fill in and add liquidity to the USD-EUR order books.

Those are some of the reasons supporting XRP usage, but there is no guarantee that increased ledger usage will mean increased XRP usage.

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