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Bitcoin Price, Ethereum Price, & XRP Price Analysis – What To Watch Next Week


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We take a look at Bitcoin price, Ethereum price, and XRP price for the week of April 25, 2021. Aside from fundamentals, we rely heavily on technical analysis to assess overall sentiment. This is achieved by identifying key support and resistance levels that traders and investors will be watching in the short term. Based on the current price action, what should you watch for next week?


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Bitcoin is the first and largest digital currency in the crypto market. It covers the large amount of area of digital currency like bitcoin.  Ethereum, & XRP are one of the attractive and beneficial for new comers. Now what will the next one. I think Cardano ADA and Tether (USDT) are best one for next. Tether covers the huge market and stable coin for invest. But we need to learn these analysis by joining Bitcoin live chat room with fully safety.

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