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Jay Clayton and River Asset Management.

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Well Little update to Ripple vs SEC courtlistener is the link to official file. Coindesk is in reference to Clayton's relation ship to the firm. 



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Here comes the dirt....Clayton getting big bucks at a BTC hedgefund, Hinman getting a $1,000,000 from Ethereum Foundation or whoever, these guys are dirty.

Of course the SEC is trying to block Ripple from getting personal emails and comms of SEC employees. If Clayton and Hinman were smart, they kept their dealings for favors off of gov't phones and channels. It'd be a lot harder to get discovery on those things, I think Ripple is arguing that Clayton has so much conflict of interest that it's central to the lawsuit. Maybe not all of the SEC employees, but I'd certainly want Hinman and Clayton's.

Funny how the SEC thought it was OK to demand Garlinghouse and Larson's personal financial histories for 8 years, textbook projection and deflection.  What if we got Clayton and Hinman's financial records from the last 8 years? Wonder how much they were getting bribed to do what they did to Ripple and XRP....

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