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        I Picture a XRP NFT more like bridge over a river of hungry wealth stealing monsters or something  :)   That or  if an artist could truly capture a picture of hope for the future in some way?  Something that depicts a family across the world separated from a loved member all alone working to send money home in order to provide medical care for a sick child or something like that, and the money saved by using XRP being the difference between getting care and getting a cure!!  It seems a one in a million to one scenario I understand, but the reality is people all over the world are working outside of their native country and in a lot of cases doing so in order to better the lives of those they love and care for and and extra $15 dollars a week or more saved on transfers makes a tremendous difference, that is compounded on a national scale and only helps the economy of that country by having more spendable $ moving around.    

Cheesy I know but that is what I would hope a XRP NFT could convey in some way. 

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