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Beware YouTube "Official Ripple Channel" scam

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I won't post the link, but there's a new channel streaming live right now called Official Ripple Channel, promoting a 100 million XRP giveaway purportedly to celebrate Ripple's victory over the SEC (which is fake news). Of course, it's a scam.

I have reported both the channel and the stream. If you come across it, I encourage you to do the same.

EDIT: It seems the associated XRPL address is already in the Xrplorer.com (XRP Forensics) database.

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To all the newcomers, I'd like to make it easier to defeat Greed that's lurking in all of us.

If you see a "giveaway" or any other promise of you getting something for nothing, immediately assume it's a scam, close, and move on.

If you give it even one second to think about it, the Greed rises from the inside and starts to rationalize why it would be good for you to stick around.

"Kill" it before it starts, just move on as if you never saw it.

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