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Discovery Dispute Letter Motion (Judge hands Ripple another victory vs. SEC?)

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/kxzkvu64gnl8cn9/Discovery Dispute Letter Motion with Exhibits 4.16.2021.pdf?dl=0 "1. The SEC May Not Conduct Discovery Outside The Scope Of The Federal Rules OF Civil Pr

Well it is not a victory yet, the judge will decide. It is funny though how SEC claims Ripple has not much of a use case for XRP, and then goes on and request business info from companies all oth

Some of their investigations go well beyond securities laws and the Ripple case. Why do this? I think it serves a dual purpose: There's the immediate benefit in this matter. Even if the SEC is s

  • VanGogh changed the title to Discovery Dispute Letter Motion (Judge hands Ripple another victory vs. SEC?)

This whole case seems nothing more than a personal vendetta by the SEC. They previously took Larsen to court and spectacularly lost which forced them to change regulations. Sounds like they were gunning for Larsen and they'd do anything to win. Unfortunately those part time lawyers at the SEC are up against the Avengers of lawyers lol

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