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wrong tag deposit so i'm very sad its my 5 month earning balance


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i'm withdrawal to xrp on primedice to deposit stake but i don't knew how to change tag and gone wrong tag so i need help to refund my balance ya depsoit my right tag and address no other any problem .

here is transation address -  https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/E5A2EC3174E50F524A3FBE7A32304090224E9FCE0E40800E74ED924F516DACCC

please i request to return my balance in my primedice wallet again 


what for answer ,take imagantiy action

right deposit tag and address.png

wrong tag and valid address.png

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As the transaction was sent successfully, you will need to contact Stake.com to tell them what happened and ask them to send the XRP back to you using the deposit address and tag on PrimeDice. You will probably need to prove to Stake who you are and that you sent the XRP.

Good luck.

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