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Is it safe to invest in Tezos

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10 minutes ago, nayanapatil said:

Why is it so ? Its true that there is risk and one has to be very careful while investing.. Experts say Tezos is worth investing for long term investment..!

I was kind of joking, but it was your first post asking for tezos investing in an XRP forum so could not resist the urge.:lol:

In all seriousness I have no idea about tezos, and no time to search new stuff or fiat to invest.

Personally I would not invest while we are in a bull market, because you can easily get burned and instead of x10 get a /10.

But that's just me.



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I used to be a big Tezos bull until Flare was announced. Now I don't see any reason to invest in any other smart contract / pos type platform because Flare trounces them all by a wide country mile. Even the network governance system is better than Tezos, which is saying a lot, because Tezos's governance (and software upgrade) mechanism is world class and beats out everything else out there IMO. 

Flare is just too good, too attractive in terms of yield/staking, and too well designed for anything else to compete any more. So I sold 60% of my XTZ and put it into the FLR IOUs on Bitrue. Bit of a risk but that's true of keeping it in any asset. 

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