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Leveraging Digital Money to Facilitate Remittances


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Is she talking about XRP??? Maybe!! Maybe Not but it dang sure sounds like it.  Once this SEC thing is over XRP will be the only crypto with a legal framework around it.  As I mentioned before I truly believe this SEC mess is to make sure gearing up to utilize XRP that it does not have the power to turn a sovereign currency on it's rear and the only way you do that is wrap a legal framework around it! XRP was chosen for a reason and it ain't because it's a security, it was chosen to get all it's ducks in a row so it can be and do what it was meant to do not just for business but countries.  Of course it would have more scrutiny in the states because the US dollar is the world reserve currency and we can't have XRP or any DA undermining  that status, but we can wrap it in a legal framework where it never does but also allows full utilization and the backing of world governments!!!






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5 hours ago, Kiir said:

Oh, lol, I just posted a quote in the chat, only to realize there's a topic about it xD

I find it funny (interesting?) the video was posted on the same day Gensler was approved. 

I'll leave it at that :biggrin:

... And same day Ripple is posting : The Last-Mile Playbook to Global Payments

https://ripple.com/lp/last-mile-playbook?utm_campaign=twitter&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic social&utm_content=1618169641

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