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Ripple (XRP) CTO advises investors to sell part of their cryptocurrencies following market pump


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3 hours ago, Karl said:

I would bet he's got more BTC (remember he was contributing to Bitcoin very early) and XRP than he can spend in 10 lifetimes. I don't think he's got too much regret over selling his ETH.

David's a genius on cryptography, and he gives decent advice for the total newb in crypto (which in this bull market is a lot of people), but I wouldn't recommend him as a financial advisor (and I'm sure he wouldn't recommend himself either).

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In general its good advice. But its poor timing and execution by David. Tweeting this at the middle of the night, during SEC lawsuit, while XRP hits all time high within last 3 years, and having access to insider trading information; is not a good approach.


Everyone should consider selling at least some of their XRP during the height of this bull run.  But, the way David is communicating this recommendation, could cause him more problems than actually helping investors.

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