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Binance and American users

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So a friend of mine had 3000 XRP on binance that he has forgotten about for several years. Now he realizes that US users can’t access it. Is there anything other than getting a VPN but he will need to do in order to withdraw to a different exchange?

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I'm in the US and was able to login to Binance.com today and withdraw a small amount of VTHO that I had forgotten about. I believe US users can login and withdraw - just not trade. He should give it a try.

As an FYI, I did receive a warning message when I logged-in that identified my IP as US. It then gave me the option of verifying that I was not a US citizen (via KYC) or proceeding without verification (which I chose). Maybe it's different if the user has already been verified as a US citizen - don't know. 

Good luck to him!

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