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Disappearing XRP


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I have been quite careful and had a Ripple Toast Wallet and had over 1500 Ripple in the wallet. Recently I sent some Ripple to another wallet (only 10 XRP). To my horror, all of my Ripple seemed to disappear in my toast wallet after sending just 10xrp as a test. The wallet is showing not activated now but I can still see my transactions. For the 1500 that were originally sent to my wallet. Can anyone help me please? This is quite a large sum of money just now. 

thanks for any help in advance!

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Hi, my heart goes out to you. DO NOT PANIC !!!  Has the 10 XRP arrived in the Wallet you sent them to ?   If You have the secret key, the long number beginning with s, You can use this to import the contents of the dead Toast Wallet. XUMM Wallet seems to be one of those recommended here.  Good Luck.

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15 minutes ago, Elliot999 said:

Yes was toast plus. 

There are several posts in the  forum, search for toast plus and you will see that this was a big scam (but they removed it in the meantime from the app store). I am not sure if there is some agency investigating this or if you lost everything.

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